All good things…

All good things must come to an end – except the memories, the friendships and the legacy of giving and gratitude each and every one of you have created. THANK YOU!

Hello CHMG Friends

December Teen/Tween Event!

Last Sunday CHMG Teens and Families had a wonderful day making wishes come true!

We had the opportunity to be a part of the Interfaith Outreach Holiday Gift Program. The program matches families in need of holiday help with sponsors (like us!) who anonymously provide gifts.  This program brings happiness and joy to families, kids, adults with disabilities and senior citizens that are struggling financially. We are so excited to announce we have DOUBLED our budget for this event and sponsored five families!

Our CHMG families got to go on a Christmas shopping spree with the wish lists of these families and then went to Lord of Life for gift wrapping.


Wish Kid Update: AJ’s Backyard Bunker!

AJ, one of our three 2018 Wish Kids, is a 10‐year‐old from Stewartville, MN who suffers from a rare condition that causes painful blistering all over, confines him to a wheelchair and restricts activities based on the weather. Wishes & More has been working with AJ and his team of supporters all summer to create a special place for AJ to call his own. Recently, AJ’s “Backyard Bunker” opened up for play, imagining, creating and enjoying.


Alexander (or AJ for short) has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis. This genetic condition lead AJ’s mom, Barbara to seek a local organization to provide something special for her son who undergoes daily bandaging for his open wounds and keeps him wheelchair bound in order to protect the bottoms of his feet. Barbara soon found Wishes & More and AJ’s big dream for a fort was born. This fort allows him to go outside while protecting his sensitive skin from the elements and allowing his imagination to continue to grow. AJ’s wish grew as his imagination was allowed to go wild and he decided that he didn’t want just any old fort, but a military bunker! This play space is air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and, most importantly FUN! With a brother‐in‐law in the Army Guard, he had someone to guide him with the plans and Wishes & More benefited from the labor of many of his fellow Reservists as we constructed this special place that AJ could call his own.

This was such a fun wish to be a part of – we hope it brings so much joy to AJ and his family! Thanks to all of our members, sponsors and Party with a Purpose attendees!

Remember you helped grant THREE wishes this year for Maddie, AJ and Cathleen. We will be sharing an update on Cathleen’s Florida adventure very soon!

October Volunteer Event: Mobile Hope

For our October volunteer event, Charitable Housewives prepared and served a meal to the youth group (grades 5 -11) at Mobile Hope in Corcoran.  Mobile Hope is an organization whose mission is to honor God by building a culture of achievement and hope in mobile home communities through education, healthy activities, connection to resources, and faith development.  Thank you, Housewives and thank you to Mobile Hope!

Meet Miss Madelyn – Our 3rd Party with a Purpose Wish Kid!

We have a very fun update to share with our members and followers! We were so excited to be able to choose a THIRD wish recipient this year – due to the success and support of Party with a Purpose: Talk Derby to Me. Introducing… Madelyn (Maddie)!!

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Maddie and her family’s wish was to makeover her bedroom. Who among us doesn’t love a little home makeover!?!?!

Maddie’s wish was just granted and you’ve got to check out the darling pictures of her and her new room! Thank you to everyone who helped make her wish come true! You can also follow Maddie’s progress Mighty Madelyn’s Facebook Page

Maddie’s been sleeping in mom & dad’s room since birth so they could keep a close eye on her at all times.  Mom picked out a bed, fan & lights, curtains, décor, dresser, closet organizer/shelves and she got a fresh coat of paint, too!

Stay tuned to hear updates on our other two 2018 Wish Kids, Cathleen and AJ!

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She’s so excited!

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A room of her own!

See more amazing photos (and video) on Maddie’s page!

Here’s Madelyn’s story (in her mom’s words)
Madelyn was born on October 28, 2016. She was closely monitored while inside the womb. She was not growing at the same rate as her Twin Brother, Dylan.  They were concerned she would be delivered very early so I (mom) was given a steroid shot to improve her lungs in the case she would have to be delivered early. Maddie and Dylan did come early at 37 weeks with a planned C-Section for 38 weeks. She was 4 lbs 5 ounces at birth. We were able to hold her for some time and then she was taken to the special care nursery for low birth weight, low blood sugar, and feeding issues. She had a feeding tube and once she was able to eat successfully on her own, she was able to go home and join her brothers, Dylan and Trevor, Mom , Dad, and puppy Lucy. We were so glad she was home and growing. When Maddie and Dylan were around 6 weeks, I took a picture of them (I take A LOT!) and of course posted it on Facebook. Kind people reached out and called my mom and mother-in-law with concerns of Miss Maddie’s (that is her nickname given by her big brother Trevor) coloring in the picture and asked if she had been tested for Jaundice. They then called me and we decided to call the Doctors office and chatted with a nurse. She suggested bringing Maddie to the ER. We then headed to the ER on December 16. There they ran a bunch of tests and her bilirubin was very high. They did an ultrasound of her liver in the ER and took more blood to run more tests. The Doctor then came in and told us that we were being admitted to the hospital for further testing. Once we got to the room the admitting Doctor went over everything with us. Maddie would need a biopsy of her liver that next morning. She had her biopsy and was doing well after. They rushed the results and we found out hours later that Maddie has Biliary Atresia.

Since then, Maddie has endured a liver transplant and has been diagnosed with Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) – a form of cancer.  

Kids in Need Event

This past Saturday, CHMG families gave their time to the Kids In Need Foundation in Roseville. This is an AMAZING organization that packs backpacks full of supplies for children in need. They also have a store teachers can come to twice a year, fill their carts with $100 worth of items! They can hand these items out, as needed, to their kids and/or use the items for their classroom. This gives students and teachers the opportunity to work on projects they may never be able to do, otherwise. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them and help make back to school a little less stressful for families in need!