Welcome Home Baskets for Youth Link event!

As you know, I was touched when I heard about Youth link a place where homeless kids in Minneapolis could get help and guidance in many ways.  One of the things I loved is that they provide an apartment to those who are going to school or work full-time or both part-time.  This will allow them to have a better future!   I set a lofty goal for us to provide 10 “welcome home baskets” for those that were receiving an apartment and had nothing.  My vision was to provide them with the basics needed…bed sheets,towels,toiletries etc.  This would cost us approximately $500.00.  I sent the email out and within a few short hours you ladies had committed to cover all that was needed, and more of you continued to give!

On February 20th we came together with our kids and let them take part in assembling these baskets.  The kids did a great job! They each added their own special touch by making a card with well wishes to those receiving the baskets!   When I made the delivery to Youth link they were very grateful!

 THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who gave items,money,and your time!  We could not have done this without each and everyone of you!!!

My heart is smiling…


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