CHMG’s September Contribution: Shanae Hill’s ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

Do you ever get inspired by news articles about ordinary people doing extraordinary things? A member of CHMG recently had such an experience reading an article in the Star Tribune about the “Can-Do Girls Club” founded by a caring woman named Shanae Hill.

Shanae Hill runs a day care in her home, has no children of her own, and lives in Northeast Minneapolis. Her neighborhood is the same one where a young boy was recently shot inside his home by gang activity.   Ms. Hill was troubled by things she saw in her neighborhood; young girls acting out and dressing too old for their ages, while bullying at school and a general lack of self-esteem pervaded their lives. Out of concern, Ms. Hill started the “Can-Do Girls Club” which offers girls (ages 3-11) exercises in improving self-esteem, coping with and counteracting bullying, art projects, a hot meal, and help with planning their future career and/or college path. “Can-Do” members also volunteer and raise money to give back to those less fortunate than they are. With all these wonderful activities, Ms. Hill has singlehandedly taught her young members the importance of giving back (even if they don’t have much to give), to dream higher than their current circumstances, that they are worthy individuals and do have control over their future. Shanae’s extraordinary efforts do not end there, for she funds the “Can-Do Girls Club” out of her own pocket, with help from her 17 year old nephew who works at Taco Bell. Hope and helping her community no matter what the odds is what Shanae Hill is all about.

Ms. Hill’s attitude of hope is contagious. After reading the article, a member of CHMG contacted Tina Wherry (founder of CHMG) to see if the organization could assist Ms. Hill. After reading the article, and on behalf of the Charitable Housewives of Maple Grove, Tina donated two gift cards (worth a total of $300 to a grocery and craft store) to Ms. Hill and the “Can-Do Girls Club”!

Tina Wherry and the CHMG member who discovered Ms. Hill’s story are certain all members of CHMG will share in the excitement of contributing to Shanae Hill during the month of September 2012! We salute Shanae in her quest to better her community one little girl at a time, and remain inspired by her example as we continue to strive as ‘Charitable Housewives’ ,keeping our own eyes open to ways to better our neighborhoods!

2 thoughts on “CHMG’s September Contribution: Shanae Hill’s ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

  1. Shannon Gilbert says:

    This is awesome Tina, what an inspiring woman. I’ve been keeping my eye out for leads on individuals and groups like this in need of our help too. I’m wondering if there is more we can do for Ms. Hill? The gift cards are great and I know she really appreciates them. But on an ongoing basis can we help her, the girls, or maybe she would recommend others in her area. Food, clothing, volunteers to come spend time with the girls? Just a thought!

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