CHMG supports eQuality “Growing Dreams”

Leslie and I had the great honor of taking part in the eQuality “Growing Dreams” Event.  This is an amazing organization that helps adults with special needs find a job that will be rewarding to them.  They believe that adults with special needs are no different than any other adult, their talents are simply different.  They refer to the adults as associates, these associates have taken part of something amazing…eQuality has purchased a farm.  The associates work the land from start to finish.  Digging,planting,picking weeds, cleaning the vegetables and fruit and selling them at a farmers market.  One of the associates spoke at the “Growing Dreams” event and said…”the best part is the farm is ours!!!!”  Amazing, I was so touched by this organization and the people involved!  There most recent plan is to plant a working apple orchard.  We as Charitable Housewives donated to this cause, learn more about them at  A special thanks to Jody Allen for including us in this wonderful event!!!

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