I would like to take a moment to say thank you to one of our contributors, Chuck Seviour.  Chuck has been a huge support of the CHMG both emotionally and  financially. Because of his monthly contributions we have been able to reach out to more people in need of our help. He was recently touched by the Can-do girls club Book Drive!  As a great lover of books himself, he felt it necessary to give alittle more to the cause!  His donation of $200 allowed us the great opportunity to buy each of the 12 girls the book by American Girl Doll, The Care and Keeping Of You.  This was a request from Shanae as most of these girls do not have the resources to learn these basics.  In additon, we were able to purchase a book case for them to hold the books that they are slowly aquiring in the room where the can-do girls meet each day!  On behalf of all the Charitable Housewives I would like to say thank you chuck!!  It means alot…

Love you,