CHMG goes back to Hope Lodge!

photo[1]photo[1] (2)

This was our second trip back to Hope Lodge! Hope Lodge houses those receiving chemo plus a guest for up to 3months. Everything at Hope Lodge is donated and runs on volunteers! They depend on groups like ours to provide meals and donations. The guests were extremely grateful and praised the CHMG kids for their willingness to help! It is a pleasure to provide something so simple… a home cooked meal! As we all know sometimes its the little things that bring us the greatest joy!

Thank you all for being there tonite!
Lori & Zach,Michelle & Grace,Jenna & Alexis,Jen & Scotty,Leslie,Spencer& Morgan

One thought on “CHMG goes back to Hope Lodge!

  1. Chuck Seviour says:

    Heart filled congratulations to the kids and to all of the dedicated members who have made the effort to make this a great organization. You have succeeded in touching lives in an unselfish manner. I applaud you for these efforts today and into the future!

    Chuck Seviour

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