I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to you ladies. Because of you, we were able to provide lunch for 4 out 16 groups, groceries for several families, diapers for babies, and mountains of encouragement.

Tina meeting you was awesome and your passion for good work is contagious. Thank you for this effort and reaching out. You ladies are doing great work and my girls acknowledged it on the last day of the summer program last week.

One girl said what she will take away this summer is that “people help people.” She recalled taking a few bags of groceries home and her mom and grandma thanked her and sung her praises. She said, “I felt empowered because I am the problem child.” She was able to provide for her family where in the past she had only taken away. Thank you Charitable Housewives.

As we prepare for our winter programming I will keep you gals in the know of our program wish list.

Thanks again for you charitable work!

Charisma Smith

Teen Advocate

4123 E Lake Street| Minneapolis, MN 55406

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