Run With The Housewives 5K 2015 Update

From Gia Nichole….

In just a week and a few days we’ll be heading to Anneliese’s WISH trip, and she is beyond excited. Just before we first met with Wishes and More (our amazing WISH organization), Anneliese had just been handed a very poor prognosis with an MRI showing progressive cerebellar atrophy and several other brain abnormalities. We were told to expect a speedy regression of skills (and other unmentionable things).

Since receiving the above poor prognosis exactly a year ago, Anneliese has been busy surprising everyone who knows her. At the time we first met with Wishes and More, Anneliese was 2/1 2 years old. She was not able to speak well enough to tell them how much she loved Frozen (and Anna, Elsa, and Olaf). She could only smile widely when we popped Frozen into the DVD player and wave her arms wildly when “Let it Go” played on repeat in the CD player. She could sometimes repeat single words, but only when prompted many times.

A year later, Anneliese’s progress is astounding. She talks in complete sentences, has a wicked sense of humor, is in a mainstream classroom in preschool, and can take up to 20 unaided steps. Her future is still uncertain. But she certainly is an amazing girl.

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