CHMG “In The News”

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Cathy Marxen for this wonderfully written article! This was such a nice, unexpected surprise!! Reading this article makes me so proud of CHMG!!!! Let me be clear… CHMG continues to be successful because of all the wonderful people who make it a priority to help others & do good!!! I want to take a moment to acknowledge the great people that make CHMG Shine!!!! Thank you to my VP Mary Thayer… you truly are the 💜of CHMG! Thank you for ALL that you do to make us run smoothly. I feel blessed by your dedication & strong desire to make us better everyday!! Thank you to our CHMG Board-Jenna Murphy, Lori Benson, Maren Geyen, Mara Milne, & MichelleGoetz. I’m grateful for your continued passion & hard work! To our Party With a Purpose committee-Katie Bowman, Mara Milne, Jenna Murphy, Mary Thayer, Michelle Goetz, & Nancy Johnson, there is great Joy & a lot of hard work that goes into this event, thank you for always pushing through & making the time to create something really special!!! To our Members…. you are the “why” we do it!!!! Thank you for believing in our mission and doing good with us!!!! Lastly, to our community who continue to support us and lift us up… we feel honored to live in MG where people believe in the power of giving back!…….Tina

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