Wish Kid Update: AJ’s Backyard Bunker!

AJ, one of our three 2018 Wish Kids, is a 10‐year‐old from Stewartville, MN who suffers from a rare condition that causes painful blistering all over, confines him to a wheelchair and restricts activities based on the weather. Wishes & More has been working with AJ and his team of supporters all summer to create a special place for AJ to call his own. Recently, AJ’s “Backyard Bunker” opened up for play, imagining, creating and enjoying.


Alexander (or AJ for short) has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis. This genetic condition lead AJ’s mom, Barbara to seek a local organization to provide something special for her son who undergoes daily bandaging for his open wounds and keeps him wheelchair bound in order to protect the bottoms of his feet. Barbara soon found Wishes & More and AJ’s big dream for a fort was born. This fort allows him to go outside while protecting his sensitive skin from the elements and allowing his imagination to continue to grow. AJ’s wish grew as his imagination was allowed to go wild and he decided that he didn’t want just any old fort, but a military bunker! This play space is air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible and, most importantly FUN! With a brother‐in‐law in the Army Guard, he had someone to guide him with the plans and Wishes & More benefited from the labor of many of his fellow Reservists as we constructed this special place that AJ could call his own.

This was such a fun wish to be a part of – we hope it brings so much joy to AJ and his family! Thanks to all of our members, sponsors and Party with a Purpose attendees!

Remember you helped grant THREE wishes this year for Maddie, AJ and Cathleen. We will be sharing an update on Cathleen’s Florida adventure very soon!