Our story

The Charitable Housewives of Maple Grove (CHMG) started for a very simple reason…I feel my very best when I’m helping others! I often thought to myself how I knew all these great women and would love to get to know each of them better and spend more time with them, but was not interested in taking time away from my family for another dinner or happy hour. I thought we were capable of so much more than that!  So, I took a deep breath and started typing an invitation for these ladies to join me for what would be our first official charity event….and they came! Wow! Everyone was excited and eager to help in anyway possible, and so began CHMG.  Each time we complete an event I am touched immeasurably and I often tell my fellow Housewives that “My heart is smiling” because it’s the only way I can describe how good I feel!!! 

The Charitable Housewives started with 20 Housewives and families with a simple process…every 4-6 weeks I would plan a CHMG event and suggest a couple ways our Housewives could help.  Since then, our passion and desire to do more has grown.  We are now a group of 35 plus and as of March 2012 have become a non-profit and have begun organizing fundraisers to support our cause!  Our first fundraiser was held on Mother’s Day, 2012- a 5k race!  I feel blessed to have such an amazing support system… my husband, kids & all of my Housewives and their families, who are women with great kindness. Without these amazing women, we would not be where we are today!


Tina Wherry, Organization Founder


2 thoughts on “Our story”

  1. Jodi Hansen said:

    Tina & friends –

    I am so very happy for you! I am excited to be following such a great charity and to see what is next for you. I wish I lived closer so that I might be a part of it. I am blessed to have such a great friend, Tina, with a huge heart and so much love to give. I am glad God put you in my life! With much love and admiration for who you are and what you are doing. ~ Jodi (from Grinnel with love)

  2. Grandma Blue. :-) said:

    Way to go Tina, very proud of you.

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