CHMG kids Korner

The CHMG kids Kare too!

I am so proud to say that the kids of the CHMG have shown us that they too can make a difference in making this world a better place!  They have the same desires we do…help people who need it! They have HUGE HEARTS and great energy that is contagious!

Take a peek at all that they do…..


One of our CHMG kids Morgan Wherry challenged all of the CHMG kids to a Lemonade Stand Challenge for the month of August.  She asked that they host a Lemonade stand in their neighborhood with family and friends. She wanted all the proceeds to go to Wishes and More, a local organization that grants wishes to children with a  terminal illness.   What a great idea Morgan!  We are so proud of you and all of the CHMG kids and families that participated in the Lemonade Stand Challenge…together you raised $503.00!!!! Great job kiddos!!!!

our CHMG Kids collected pop tops, made bracelets, and sold them at MG Days, In stores and salons, and to friends and family. Our Kiddos raised $1,100 during the month of July. They gave all their proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight Childhood Cancer. In the month of August they raised an additional $600 and gave their proceeds to Little Riders.


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