Tina Wherry, President/Founder

img_0119-001    Mary Thayer, Vice President

Our 2017 Board Members:

Tina Wherry – President/Founder
Mary Thayer – Vice President
Maren Geyen – Treasurer
Susie Amundson – Secretary
Michelle Goetz
Lori Benson
Jenna Murphy
Mara Milne


Anundson, Susie
Arnold, Lisa
Benson, Lori
Bergstrom, Susan
Bowman, Katie
Callen, Kristen
Cornelius, Jen
Geyen, Maren
Goetz, Michelle
Grove, Jennifer
Higby, Becky
Jacobson, Camri
Johnson, Kate
Johnson, Nancy
Jones, Lesile
LaGow, Stacy Ann
Lane, Elise
Lund, Kim
McVay, Amy
Miller, Kaari
Miller, Lori
Milne, Mara
Murphy, Jenna
Newman, Judy
Olson, Donna
Osterhus, Michelle
Rengel, Pam
Robinson, Roxanne
Ruprecht, Julie
Saari, Patty
Seitz, Jeni
Stay, Karen
Squibb, Robyn
Thayer, Mary
Todd, Joy
Uzzell, Shannon
Viggers, Kris
Wherry, Tina
Winge, Pam


1 thought on “Meet Our HOUSEWIVES”

  1. Jennifer Cornelius said:

    I’m in for another year!

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