CHMG “In The News”

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Cathy Marxen for this wonderfully written article! This was such a nice, unexpected surprise!! Reading this article makes me so proud of CHMG!!!! Let me be clear… CHMG continues to be successful because of all the wonderful people who make it a priority to help others & do good!!! I want to take a moment to acknowledge the great people that make CHMG Shine!!!! Thank you to my VP Mary Thayer… you truly are the ๐Ÿ’œof CHMG! Thank you for ALL that you do to make us run smoothly. I feel blessed by your dedication & strong desire to make us better everyday!! Thank you to our CHMG Board-Jenna Murphy, Lori Benson, Maren Geyen, Mara Milne, & MichelleGoetz. I’m grateful for your continued passion & hard work! To our Party With a Purpose committee-Katie Bowman, Mara Milne, Jenna Murphy, Mary Thayer, Michelle Goetz, & Nancy Johnson, there is great Joy & a lot of hard work that goes into this event, thank you for always pushing through & making the time to create something really special!!! To our Members…. you are the “why” we do it!!!! Thank you for believing in our mission and doing good with us!!!! Lastly, to our community who continue to support us and lift us up… we feel honored to live in MG where people believe in the power of giving back!…….Tina

Ronald McDonald House

We had a great group of CHMG members & Kiddos at the Ronald McDonald house! What a great opportunity to serve others & share love & support to families dealing with the unimaginable. It’s hard to put into words, but you leave events like these with full hearts and a desire to do more!

Children’s Grief Connection

Thank you to all of you who made a tie blanket for our September blanket challenge! CHMG donated all of these beautiful hand made blankets to help a great organization called The Children’s Grief Connection that offers services to families when a loved one has died. They hold {free!} weekend camps where the whole family can participate in activities that will help them heal and connect along their grief journey after the death of a loved one.

Houston Hurricane

CHMG answers the call to help Houston! Our hearts have been heavy as we are sure many of yours have been. Thinking, how can we help? Than we came across a video from Brene Brown. Today CHMG donated $300 to help the people of Houston that are managing a desperate situation. CHMG’s mission is always to do a little bit of good with the hopes of making a big impact in someone’s life! We are grateful for the continued support of family, friends, & community that allows us the opportunity to do this!

Open Arms & CHMG

Today CHMG went to Open Arms, a non profit that makes and delivers fresh meals to people living with life threatening illnesses in the twin cities area for FREE. What an amazing organization and great opportunity! A few fun stats about our CHMG efforts today!
* we drove 5 routes * 24 individuals +families impacted * delivered 288 meals
Thank you to all the CHMG members, kiddos, family & friends who drove, navigated,& delivered! We appreciate you taking your time to serve those who are truly suffering! It’s not just food, it’s love.

Fundraiser at MGMS BB Concessions

Thank you to all the CHMG Families that came out to cover a full day of concessions at the MG Community Gyms! The funds we raised from working will go towards or Teen Committee! A special thank you to Roxanne Robinson for bringing this opportunity to us & to Julie Ruprecht for organizing and making it happen!!! We are so lucky to have such awesome members who step up when needed!

CHMG Teens at Silver Creek on Main MG

Once again our CHMG Teens have inspired us! Yesterday they went to Silver Creek on Main and spent the afternoon with the residents in memory care. Most of us know someone who has spent time in memory care and know how important it is for them to get visitors! The teens spent the afternoon playing games w/ the residents. Thank you to all of the CHMG teens, friends, & members who came to help! A very Special thank you to Kylie Ruprecht for being the Teen Lead on this event! We appreciate your organization, commitment, and kind heart! You always show up to help and we are grateful for you!

silver creek on main